You are Awareness

You are Awareness. You are a light being. You are beaming your Truth out and experience your subjective perspective, always in the Now. You can never be wrong as an unlimitted creator – you always get what you choose to vibrate as. You create your relationship with every next apperance, person, interaction, sound tone or a symbol that’s infront of you. You shape your state of being by changing relationship with your thoughts, feelings, emotions, impulses and your actions in physicality. Allowing, accepting and trusting the Now aligns you with your natural Self – that of peace, wisdom and expansion. It lets you explore your unconditional, non-polarized state that is not attacheted to any identity as a dependency. It simply uses it as a chosen Truth of that very moment, knowing that all truths are true. Remembering that all truths are equally beautiful, equally valid and equally accessable.

Judging past circumstances, having regrets about yesterdays or having doubts, hopes and concerns about the future give you the opportunity to explore depths of your ego. You can hesitate and question your worthiness or simply get up, go and get what you deserve. You can keep trying to fix what’s not broken and stay limited or you can act boldly in the Now upon your passion and start discovering a God within. You can bound yourself and measure your experience by compering it to other peoples achivements or you can relax in your worthiness of being absolutely immeasurable. There are no higher states of awareness unless you create lower as something less then or worse. There are no painful experiences unless you relate to your reality as something objectified, something outside of you that can hurt you and cause you pain. There are no silly statemants or opinions unless you observe your truth being better and more accurate.

The same one reality (either it is a soft snowflake landing on a grass, or a soldier killing a child) can be observed and experienced in infinite number of ways. It can be embraced with understanding, connection and joy as non-polarized expression of God playing carelessly. It can also be measured and scaled by our arogance that is feeding our lack and fear based ideologies. Both directions are possible and both are infinite in exploration. Every Now is fresh and new. That allows us to relate to every next phenomenon with a new approach. This game has no end. There is no wrong and right answer, no wrong or right path, no wrong or right choice. There are no boundries or anyone who could stop you from expressing and experiencing your own light shining. There is only your Awarness of all potentials possible. So, what is it going to be for you Now?