Transcendance of the Self

Beliefs, thoughts, desires, memory and all definitions validated in the past, is not what makes you suffer. It is only your identification with them. Remember, you are not what you are looking at – ever! You are the act of perceiving itself. You are the act of effortless observation that allows Creation to be. You are the Source of all connectivness, you are the pure Awareness that allows Creation to freely manifest immeasurable experiences. Nothing that exist have power over you. Everything is equal to you, as you are Everything. The inner urge to possess thoughts or beliefs is the cause of your pain – not the thought or belief with its symolism. The urge to own, control, change or use thoughts for your individualy concentrated benefit, pleasure or comfort, comes directly from your egoic structure of the mind. This identification with thoughts, emotions, feelings as well as ambition to perpetuate them in particular manner in time, creates the illusion of separate personality that needs to deal with life. It creates the need for polarized standards, regulations and systems of a „reward or punishment” nature. It creates the illusion of duality – vision of a person who struggles with accepting the rest of Creation. 

To let go of a belief or lackful thought, simply stay aware of them. Don’t engage with your measuring mind. Don’t try to fix them, don’t judge, don’t avoid, don’t take action to lessen the pain. Let them make you frustrated and powerless. Let them make you scream and cry. Allow them to go through your entire body complex with no resistance whatsoever. Stay open, breath and experience madness from Obserever standpoint. Only then you will show yourself who you are not. That process of allowance will literaly kill you. It will kill the illusionary personality you are holding on to. It will burn all reasons of pain, burn everything you are not. When limitted belief is fully coalesced, accepted and merged with the Whole, you naturally open yourself for activating new version of the Self – more expanded and more aligned with natural preferences. Trust and Allowance will burn every attachment you’ve created to reveal your true, timeless nature – unshakeable, unbiased, unconditionaly loving Awareness that you are.