There is no Ego

To define is to limit” Oscar Wilde

Ego is equally valuable creation as every other part of Existance. Ego (when chosen) is integral piece of the One-Whole in that Now created. It is a way for the experiencer to relate with its own creation. There is nothing we need to do about it, other then accept it’s beauty and experience its limits with allowance. This is how we become it intimately, this is how we grow, this is how we see its full capasity and ultimately stretch beyond it. What is liberating in that proccess is simplicity of being aware of our arogance – once the recognition of the egoic approach is realized, we don’t have to repeat that choice again. That’s it. Lack, Fear and Unworthiness (Ego’s favourite expressions) make All That Is full and they also stretch infinitely. They make Creation full of Lack, full of Fear, full of Unworthiness. Each singularity of Awareness choose to engage and play or stop focusing on those vibrations. All vibrations manifest realms that can be explored by the Self of Awareness – our choice of what to experience is never judged by Creation that serves us so passionately tasty vibrational matches. It’s done by our creative will and ability to attract ever broader scopes of the energy we chose to shine and radiate as. On the vibrational level, energy is neutral. It doesn’t ask to be defined by anyone or measured using polarized perspectives. We as humans love to judge and rate our experiences based on emotional scales. We prefer certain feelings and very easly create dependencies with them by trying to stick with them forever. We try to escape from our fears as well by hidding our natural, authentic light in every moment. We are addicted to control of our external reality (getting closer to pleasant, comfortable feelings and repeating them frequently as well as rejecting and running away from fears and honest conversations with yourself 1on1). Our minds try to convince us (using time based fears) about the righteousness of that cyclic repetition and obligation to continue that crazy escapizm. We create logical, time based methods of repetitive actions to stay asleep in our comfort zone staying „normal” and acting „appriopriately”, „morally”, etc. Ego is validated when aware eyes conciously choose to validate standards and obey them rather then accept the beauty of freedom and diversity.

Humanity and its polarized reality is not the world to escape from. It’s not the world that needs to be fixed or something that needs to catch up with the rest of creation and become more like it. The journey is about discovering the uniqueness of this place and exploring possibilities it offers. Planet Earth is the only place in Creation where we get to experience emotional attachments and dependencies stretched to that extend. When you think about it – If you are here now, just for a brief moment, and you gave yourself that gift of experiencing separation – why not to investigate it with passion. Why not to accept all aspects of Ego and simply observe it with full allowance? That is when liberation steps into our life. This is when you start living in tune with your natural expression and core heart vibration that can not be measured, questioned or doubted. When you stop fighting your Ego, when you stop trying to heal the Ego of others, when you stop trying to change anything… When you stop rejecting expressions of your true passion in every next Now and start to express it boldly, then Ego disappeare, as it is not interesting anymore to the Self of expansion.

It is unique expression of the One-Whole that can be discovered and experienced only in polarized reality. Connection can not be gained or learnt by adding something to your current Now Awareness. It cannot be achived by using time as an intentional tool to feed lack based needs and wants. It cannot be gained because it is already You. Connection and being the experience of We instead of I, is realized when there is nothing left that the ego would want from its own creation. Connection can be found only within – firstly you connect with your Isness, your authentic Truth, your Will. Then it spreads to external world and you can find connections with your other expressions you start to remember more and more vividly. When there is no need to change, oppose, deny or reject anything from the reality you are being Now, then the Worthiness and Rememberance of Connection emerge as the natural.

Choosing superiority or inferiority of yourself to youe external reality (those approaches creates sense of ego) or seeing others as egoic (better or less then you, wiser or more stupid, more or less beautiful) is a choice that can be made. Choices of other beings don’t influence nor infect you in any manner. When Connection is realized, the most brutal and agressive act is observed as free, unconditional expression of God – Creator – Whole, that we all are. Ego doesn’t have a specific form. It doesn’t look ugly nor beautiful. Egoic structure is a simple relationship with reality. It is a way we choose to correlate with our environment in the Now. None experience is egoic either non-egoic, unless the observer chooses to define it as one or the other. Nothing in creation has built-in intention, therefore nothing is egoic in its essence. Awareness can choose to observe particular forms and appearances as egoic or evil, bad, negative… only if it is using measurement scales based on Lack. Life presents itself to the conscious eyes in the Now. Self of Awareness chooses to define current reality and limit it with labels or let it shape itself into every new unknowns by not expecting anything. The bliss is in not-knowing what’s next and experiencing what is. The Bliss is in the constant surprise of what’s in front of you. Surprise of the taste of next breath, that can be inhaled into your lungs. Surprise of a next tune heard by hungry ears, surprise of the inteligence hidden in water, fire and the air. The bliss is being aware Now.