The most beautiful thing about Creation…

The most beautiful thing about Creation is that it is completely unbiased, it doesn’t judge our vibrational focus and choices within its field. Your Creation will be whatever you make it. It provides a playground where we get to experience our Truths.

Pure Awareness doesn’t measure reality, it has no interest in defining, labeling, giving meaning to things. It is simply constantly experiencing the potential of Existance offered in that very moment. If you create expectations birthed from lack, you will experience your reality as disappointing. If you create hope for something better in the future, your reality will show you the reasons why you are not good enough right now. If you create effort, you will experience tiredness and discouragement. It is a very simple mechanism. Too simple for our limitted mind that seeks complicated explanations.

My whole life I was playing a role of a naive dreamer driven by my ego. I was blinded with a better future, with my wants and needs, with things I have to do for myself, or for others. I was living for betterment, to improve myself, to help others and feel compassion to every living creature. I was desiring and then acheiving my goals generating temporary states of conditioned happiness. I was living mechanically according to my mind’s intentions. I was reacting uncounciously to my mind’s fears and doubts, executing my mind’s solutions to prevent unwanted futures, to avoid shame, to get rid of pain. I was living the life with a constant drive to hide my natural, authentic self. I was living life constantly striving to change or control my Now.

These last days I get to see clearly my relationship to my desires. I saw how I efforted myself to achieve them. I was strongly attached to a sense of success and glory when my plans were accomplished. I was attached to a image of a person I created who is always doing fine, working hard and making his dreams come true. Now, I am loosening up attachements to dependencies. Now I see I am no one special. I am a God, just like anyone else. Letting go of that safe, known way of living is painful in the begining – that’s what is my experience at the moment. The most frightening thing about it is the idea of losing control of my life completely. I know there is nothing to be afraid of in the Uknown – I went through this dynamic many times already. However, absolute Freedom behind the walls of separation shine very brightly – sometimes I am just still too afraid to accept my worthiness to dive into it with undisputed Trust. It is easy to be honest sometimes or even most of the time. It is quite challanging though to be my most authentic self at all times. From my Whole Being perspective it seems silly, from my fractal point of view – it appears as dooming myself to death. Nevertheless, I am not afraid of pain, of being not understood or accepted. Now I understand why I experience pain, therefore I don’t mind it. It doesn’t bother me so much anymore. I know I can easly let it go by accepting it, becoming it by allowing it to go through my entire body complex.

When you doubt yourself or interprete something using a scale of polarity you confirm your unworthiness and stay contained in the realm of lack and victimhood. When you stop judging your circumstances, and start trusting your intuition everything switches back to its natural and energy starts flowing with no resistance. When you follow your heart without hesitation in every Now – you expand into more of your True Self and as a result you naturally get happy. You get fascinated with your new creation that is You – brand new Now that screams with aliveness, freedom and peace. Man, I love this ride… It’s so juicy, unpredictibale and fun.

Now I am starting to realize how easy it is to simply choose your truth in every Now, the truth that shapes my current experience. I have realized that all desires are birthed from Lack. Desiring something better, improved, upgraded and all that crap comes from my limitted self of separation. Now I understand why you can be a poor coal miner for a lifetime and experience indescribable joy and fullfiment. I can also see why you can swim in one houndred dollar bills everyday, travel the world in a private jetplane with a couple of models and still feel not good enough, empty from the inside and not satisfied with your life. I understand it as a knowing that Now is Everything. Now provides with current experience. What could there possible be better than that? The Now is All that Exists. Why look for something else? By doing so we create our misery. Polarity is our human game created in time. The Now doesn’t care about time therefore it doesn’t experience separation. You can define reality as polarized or non-polarized, you can experience both. The same object, the same person, feeling, gesture, symbol can be perceived through our filtering mind of separation and cause you pain, or it can be observed from a non-polarized stand point with no measuremant and fill your heart with bliss everytime. You get to choose what feels right to you. You get to experience your Truth as God creating.