Rising Beyond Polarity

You can see „good” only in opposition to something that you deem being „bad”. You can achieve being a „good person” only if you validate a polarized measurement scale as a necessity. Operating in the boundries of that scale creates a very dense filter that immobilize your ability to stay unidentified. It disturbs your unconditional state of being, fires up emotional reactions and narrows your possibilities by dimming access to alternative choices. Everything is created from the same one fundamental substance, one energy, one Consciousness. Artificial division of „good” and „bad” is based on human objective divisive perception. Any division created by the mind is based on a compulsion to perpetuate the scale of value where some expressions of Creation are better then other. You can state that you are „good” only by pointing your finger to the ones, who you consider being „worse”. The better person you consider yourself to be, the more people you need to label as „bad”, „not meeting your criteria” or simply „not good enough”. Funny paradox is that the better you think you are, the more arrogant, limited and lonely you truly become. You can never be better then any other part of your light projection. You can never be more evolved, more important, more aware than someone or something else existing in your current experience, as you are the experience itself – you are not separate from it. As singularity of Awareness wearing the suit of physical body, you get to explore more of each quality of life: humility, anger, aliveness, confusion, grief, vitality, certainty, etc., but only within your own Isness. Never in comparison to something outside of you, because there is no outside or inside. There is no „you” and „not-you” in non-polarized understading. There is only Creation expressing itself with no identity. You – as constantly transforming blend of vibrations – create your own subjectivly oriented perspective that is absolutely complete and whole within its chosen body-form-expression. You can disagree and fight that idea as much as you want, but you will never win the battle with your divisive mind, since every part of Creation is equal and every part of Creation contains within its structure the fullness of its infinite potential. You can get to know yourself as an ant, ocean, wind, human being, entire galaxy with complex star systems or even go beyond that… You can experience all of that, but only from your unique, subjective point of view. You will never know how other people relate to the same experience. The seed can get to know itself as a tree, but only from its unrepeatable perspective. Never from the perspective of different seeds, that chose not to come out of the soil and blossom. That’s why the more you defend, oppose, hide and argue with anyone, the more powerless and overwhelmed with contradictions you become. It can happen only if you try to make other people think or act or feel, like you do. It can happen only if you desire to make a good impression on someone by wearing fake masks and playing images of yourself that have nothing to do with your true nature. Forcing people to change their perspective is impossible in subjective reality, so failure is inevitable everytime you try to do that. Human despair is continued by trying to establish finite standards in infinite Creation. Standards, norms and regulations are finite concepts therefore they will always contradict with relaxed and playful nature of the Cosmos. Opposing to the flow of Creation is a very difficult way to operate in this world. Thus, I say: let go of that insanity and be Free Now. Look closely and admire things around you, but stop defining them strictly, stop identifying yourself with them. Observe carefully the diversity of possible expressions, but don’t persuade anyone to anything. Don’t jump too quickly into mind’s conslusions and assumptions. Watch the movement of life with intrique and excitement. Don’t seek external authorities, do not flat your clear vision to fit other people’s expectations or to obey societal norms. There is an entire new way to live and experience your Self with no polarized measurement involved in the process. What makes the journey of Self discovery even more excelent is that this nonpolarized way of being, is right here in front of you… Always available as a potential and always inviting you to rejoice with life full of excitement, grace and blessings. Life with no judgements, no confusions, no mental efforts involved. This potential is here and Now, in front of your eyes. Does not embodying that perspective sound more fun, inspiring, easy and playful then cycling a laborious mode of a „good person”?

Living in Love and Harmony doesn’t mean to stay loyal to the mind’s whims of success or domination. It doesn’t mean to outline graduations and levels of correctness or propriety that everyone should submit to. True Balance and Harmony is leaving the idea of constant strive to correct, control or rate anything. Everything is already remarkably balanced, since it is a part of Existence. There is no need for „making things” more balanced or more efficient by pushing them to change. Trust yourself and let Nature do its magic. Don’t interrupt with your fearful logic or cause and effect reasonalities. Nature (that is not different from you) will heal itself and become even more beautiful when you simply stop your efforts to control, manage or balance it in any way. Be authentic, play within the realms of your senses and explore your body complex carefully. Don’t bother with external projections and other people’s behaviors or looks. Let everyone play their part. Focus on your well-being, fallow your passion every next moment. Don’t judge it, just express your Light with ease and remember to breathe deeply whenever any discomfort arises. By doing so you will start your integration with Nature. Blending with Nature will happen effortlessly as an organic side product of your selfless energetical focus on unconditional love. You can’t merge with Creation if you treat the process as a chore or obligation that must be performed to save yourself from experiencing catastrophe. It can not be seen as a game to gain more points to outwit your rivals, because it’s not „win” or „loose” operation. By beaming your Truth with no hesitation you will naturaly tune yourself with unification proccesses. You will naturaly gravitate towards parallel realities that are aligned with clean, symbiotic exchanges of energies. You will naturally embark upon realities that offer ever greater visions of expansion and Connection to All. The Awareness of never ending growth can be discovered only from the foundation of selfless willingness to live and serve. Not as a duty or desired accomplishment that would provide admiration from the crowd. True stability, support and clarity is found in ever present, unwavering Awareness. It does not obey any limitations, it creates effortlessly out of its Will. Inner peace and understanding of subsequent physical manifestations in one’s life, are juicy fruits of rooting your sense of Isness in the permanence of unconditionaly allowing, unbiased Awareness. Awareness with no identity attached to any form.

Take responsibility of your own Creation. How? By working with your limitted interpretations. By removing beliefs, cultural or religious conditionings. By allowing yourself to break free from mind’s boundries. Divinity is seeing pure perfection in reality that is manifested as current experience and accepting every single part of it. Divinity is noticing its brilliance, sharpness and magnificence in every little detail. The sense of unshakeable „I am” can be found only in that authentic, undistorted expression of the Self. When you accept the return of your long forgotten Worthiness, your passion becomes a beautiful extension of your heart’s intuitive beat. It is this raw, honest and bold act of Openness when you offer yourself to the world. Freedom begins in the act of absolutely detachment from mind limitations. Anligment with your day to day experiences, self-confidence, willingness to live in service, and knowing what you are… All of this components are easly found when you let go of mind’s recipes for „good” and „bad” behaviors. Freedom is found within the courage to stay yourself no matter what circumstances present as your external projection. It is also devotion to your core, unconditionally loving vibration as your preferred expression. Peace is always there, where you stay open for the change. It is there, where you stay transparent to all your fears and doubts. Peace is there, where you choose not to waver, no matter how emotionally triggering or mentally disruptive your experience appears to be. Letting go of limiting patterns by speaking (verbally or nonverbally) your chosen Truths out loud, shows you the equality of all expressions of possible Creation. Live your honesty to the fullest, stop defending, open your heart for everyone, explore and integrate your „bad” side with equal acceptance and allowance as your „good” side, and you will recognize the ilusion of polarity. You will recognize it as a mentally based, divisionary scale of value that have no power over your core Being. You will notice it cannot dictate how you feel and what you will do next. You will free yourself from mind’s boundings, and you will raise into your limitless potential as the Light Being – a being that you are in your essence. Observe and allow all madness in variety of forms, tones, and shapes to take place, and it all shall pass soon. Judge, compare, hide your natural and keep measuring your reality, and it will stay exactly the same, as you know it. It is your call Now, as the Now is all that exist.