Never judge the Natural Expression

Never judge the natural self expression of the Truth that you are in the Now. Don’t judge it no matter how weird, nasty, furious or raging it would appear for you or others. You avoid getting mad only because you measure that expression by your egoic filters as something bad, as something that must be hidden in the wardrobe or put under the carpet. I say: Fuck that! Fuck hidding our emotions! Let’s cry and motherfuck everything if that feels right! Let’s scream and crash dishes by smashing them on the wall when that is the most easy and authentic act of yours. Our emotions deserve to be alive goddamn it!

To free yourself from this illusionary prison of limitations means to break the chains of taught behaviors that everyone should follow. It is expressing to the world every single emotion that sits within you and allowing it to be seen by all co-creators of your Reality. And don’t worry, it is other people’s job to interprate your light. Your job is to shine brigthly with everything that is you naturally. By doing so, you free yourself from limitations and start discovering a self of yours that cannot be defined, labeled or framed with human measuremants. You become a mystery man, someone who doesn’t seek respect, pride or admiration, because he feels enough by being purly himself, without any extravagant human decorations.

Breaking the cycle of egoistic habits means to release all the definitions and beliefs you have about certain emotions, expressions and behaviors. There is no such thing as negative expression, nasty influence, bad example. There is only unconditional Creation taking form, shape, tone and colour. There is only neutral vibration that loves to play and manifest itself freely to provide everyone unlimitted playground for experience. How fucking awesome is that?! Stop planning your behavior – act in the moment with no hesitation instead. Stop figuring out the best case scenarios and most beneficial solutions – stick boldly with your chosen Truth of the moment and watch your whole Reality adjusting to your new energetical concetration. Stop feeling compassion for others – offer them your light with no insistence for approving it. Live and let live.

You can never make people feel bad. You can never hurt anyone. You can never cause pain to anybody. That would be imposing on God’s free will and that’s immposible in unconditional Creation. Stop messing around with other people’s thoughts, opinions, comments and advices. You can not change anyones perspective, no matter how much you would try. Let go of performing as a fake image or puppet identity for others and focus on your authentic expression in the moment that screams with aliveness, transparency and purity of simply being Now. That’s freedom! That’s home! That’s you!

Natural expression is never planned, it’s never neatly prepared before presentation. It can not be squashed down by your compassion, guilt or projected fear about the cicrumstance you are experiencing. Natural expression is like a black wild animal in the jungle staring at you with shiny eyes. Natural expression feels extremaly hungry unknown realities and new versions of bliss ready to be experienced. It is not afraid to show its fangs and claws when the moment ask for it. It is the version of you that doesn’t follow the rules, it creates its own Truths and experience them passionately. It doesn’t obey to cultural conditionings that limit its potential. Natural expression is whatever is currently running through your veins. It’s your deepest secret that wants to be heard in every corner of All that Is.

We’ve been told to keep it calm, put our heads down, follow the rules and feel guilty everytime we choose our heart. We’ve been told to obey restrictions and regulations set up for us by robotic society that is afraid of freedom and joy. We’ve been told to play it safe and hide your emotions, otherwise we are going to fail, we will be rejected from the herd and suffer badly till the last breath. We’ve been told all that crap – what’s beautiful about expanding infinitely Awarness is that we recognize that Now. And Now we’ve got everything to start fresh and show the world our true and honest face.

Try to stop a God from beaming his light and by doing so you will always kick yourself in the nuts. Let everyone express their unique frequencies bends and feel the Freedom of a God being birthed within you. Go!