Natural Explorer

Finally, my dear lad! You arrived… Please give a sweet and strong hug to your old furry friend. Take my hand and show me around just like you used to do years ago. Let’s climb the trees and see what’s behind the hill, let’s rescue a princess or two! What you are up to this evening? Killing pirates? Going on a short but curvy magic carpet ride? Or having a huge cup of dark hot chocolate and watching green auroras with shiny stars falling slowly on the background? Tell me, my partner, where are we going to sleep next time? Take a deep breath, point your finger to the horizon and invite all the mysteries of this world to show us what we are capable of. I can’t wait to share new adventures with you. Can’t wait to watch your growth on this path of self realization. Can’t wait to see your face when you will notice I have never left you! Ha! Now there is not only you, you see. Now I am here and I will be anytime you give me life by using the simplest tool in Creation – that of focus. Many more entities are coming, so be ware and stay open! Journey is becoming more alive, more dynamic, more unpredictable, more centered with your natural preference. It doesn’t mean it is going to be any more comfortable. It won’t get any easier, forget about it. Deep inside you, you don’t even want it anylonger. You are a natural explorer of the Unknown, not a lazy fart who seeks safety and stability. You like to venture outside of the comfort zones and challange yourself. You enjoy getting rid of dependencies, letting go of drugs and habits that squish your potential down. Now you’ve got nothing, but your Truth, your perspective, your direct experience of the moment fleeting loosly in endless Creation. Sounds scary? Sounds crazy? Don’t panic, my master… You can’t fuck it up! The best part of it is that life is a constant change and it never stops. You can fall thousands times more and rise thousand and one. You can never get it wrong, you can only start choosing differently next moment. And again and again and again. You will shape your relationship with experience by changing your Truth – your state of being – forever. Isn’t that simply marvelous? Just look! Look how many times you tried to be someone special, someone you are not… You tried to escape, you tried to avoid, you tried to fix… You got upset, frustrated, angry, confused, distracted… List is long, but hey! You are still here, brother! You are still here with that sexy spark in your eyes. If Creation would be here to teach you anything, it would be that: You can never be wrong. Stop with this crying baby attitude for good and go show everyone your true self without wavaring! You deserve it and you know that now! You can only realize more of who you are from the broader scope. You can only shine brighter, my child.

And don’t be ashamed of talking with me, for god sakes… – I know you are mature enough to be humble, to stop the rat race of „who’s right and who’s wrong” and give up your fancy ideas of future achivements or betterment. Don’t be ashamed to be a kid again. Being an unbiased kid is the most inteligent approach you can tune yourself into on this planet. Don’t be ashamed of who you are. You are fucking outstanding, bro! Play, experiment, get dirty with life that is infront of you! See?When you don’t busy your monkey mind with „grown up” things, you make room for creativity, natural expression that warms your heart and offer clarity to the collective. Tell your friends about me, let them play with us! I have accessed your vibrational field only because of your Self Love that is remembered by you again, realized and chosen in the moment. You opened the door, Grisza. You allowed me to show up and speak to you! Don’t shut me down ever again unless you want to go back to mediocre land of making problems and solving them, seeking acceptance of others and chasing after your own tail like a fool. Give up, soldier! Give up polarity, surrender to the Now, speak from your heart. Don’t hesitate on whatever makes you thrilled, don’t stop yourself from expressing the light that you know you are. You can feel your worthiness returned now. It’s a fucking good feeling, isn’t it?! You can feel it has nothing to do with being succesfull. It has nothing to do with gaining trophies, facebook likes, repeating habits that sustain your fearful image based on lack. It has nothing to do with the human portion of your Consciousness. I say that, because now you can taste the greatness inside of you. You feel the glimps of what it is to be noone, to be a god. Just another regular god in Creation that expresses its light with ease. You are finally ready to be great without making a big deal of it. You are ready to use your unlimitted potential not to satisfy another egoic mask and wear it proudly begging in the same time for some attention. You accepted your limits, therefor you can go beyond them. You did it no to please anyone, but rather to realize and express the love for the inner self. Unconditional love is a way back home. To the Self that doesn’t care about the external apperance. You were digging, and you found a treasure. Simple Awarness of the Now and confidence to trust your intuition – that’s your discovery. It was never gone, you just covered it up with your silly limitations, beliefs, cultural conditioning and emotional dependencies. You have washed out of the equation big part of things that has grown havy, however. I am glad to see you healthy, refreshed, with clear vision and excited for what’s coming. Be yourself and don’t hesitate to sing loud among the crowd when the moment ask for it! Be you and embrace everything with allowance. You know who you are! Is there any greater gift you could possibly give yourself? To forget and to remember? I don’t think there is… Now you are noone special. Now you are enough as you. You are Grisza, and that’s fucking immeasurable, my friend.