Be the eye of the hurricane

Let’s stop talking about what was and focus on the present moment. You are frustrated, because you know what is your natural, you haven’t chosen that for yourself yet, that’s all. You chose it few times, here and there showing yourself your full potential without hesitation, sure. You showed yourself you are a Creator, and that’s great achivement, if you want to measure that. However, I am not here to please your ego seeking applause. I am here to offer you new potential, new vibrational field you can access by simple choice in every Now presented. Like I said, you prepared yourself well for the next scene, for a different way of relating to reality. You can broaden your understanding of Awareness and it’s creating abilities with no effort involved. Trusting, allowing and accepting the Now, working with beliefs and leaving dependencies has led you to this door. It has opened an invitaton to enter a new chapter of your journey. Along the way, you got your little magical moments, connections, realities created as confirmations that all of that awakening and ascending idea is true, valid and real. Your self love increased greatly as you were following your passion and trusting the authentic expression of the moment. You were testing the waters, soaking your fingers in the cold, unexplored ocean of endless possibilities. You tasted cool breeze of the Unknown not just once or twice. Now you are ready to enter a new platform, brand new playground – creating with no effort. To do it, you have to let go of the human inside you, and never go back to it again. You cannot move into effortless reality by being effortless only sometimes. To play in the realms of Gods you need to be God at all times – which is to be God NOW – not only on special ocasions, not only when you’ve got your back with your securities set nicely in place. Not only when your mind will assure you it is safe to make the step forward. To experience effortless and immerse yourself in it fully, you must choose that over and over again, no matter the circumstances, until this new vibrational awareness will be fully accepted by you as your solid fundation. Effortless approach will become the basis of your chosen craft expansion and it won’t be questioned ever again. Your craft will crystalize itself more and more as you follow effortless expression of the self. When your tower of belefies, definitions and attachements with forms will start to crumble, you need to stay steady as a lighthouse, you need to be the eye of the hurricane and observe the external madness with complete allowance. You must stay true to your authentic self, never doubting your voice of intuition, the spark that comes directly from your heart. The total shift into new paradigm comes with chaotic, nonlogical, scary apperances that your limitted mind cannot grasp and read clearly. Change often comes in experiences that expose your emotional, financial, or other dependencies. Your attachements are being laid out on the surface so you can see it clearly and confirm you are no longer insterested in keeping them alive. It looks like a fire in the madhouse, but only if interprated that way by the mind. You cannot waver and sacrifice your Truth just because something makes you uncomfortable and uneasy. You cannot sacrifice your Truth in the name of safety, security or anything else, because that will immidiately bring you back to the cyclic idea image of managing and controling reality – image that you know from your past.

You did great so far, but you were not consistent in your choice. That’s why your reality haven’t shaped itself into a new paradigm completely. That’s why new toys were not presented yet. You experienced glimpses of what it is to be God, you have never jumped into the Unknown completely though. You’ve been cycling, playing two selfes for years now… All that time and processes were created by you to realize only one thing – You are Creator. Playing time made you tired, I get it! What I can offer is a friendly remider that you exactly know what do you want to express in each moment, and you always can do it. You can stop playing time, you can relax and sattle in the Now. You also sense something profound showing up on the horizon. You know that the moment of complete surrender is coming. The moment when you become absolutely defenseless, open and vulnerable. The moment when you say: „I’ve got this. I am my chosen Truth. I am existance forever and nothing is unsafe. Let’s dance together, my friends. Let’s live Now.”

You didn’t choose that simplicity yet because you are struggling accepting your beauty. Maybe you feel you could not handle that much love for yourself. Maybe you still don’t feel worthy enough being yourself. I am here to let you know that it is all perfect and you will choose to act boldly on your Truth in the perfect Now. You will choose to loosen up your handcuffs whenever you feel ready for it. Relax, breath deeply, there is no rush… I know sometimes you receive so much love, that it is hard for your human side to believe you can actually be that awesome and feel that way. Don’t worry about what’s coming. It’s not your job to think about the future, nor the past. Your only thing to do is to be Now. Does it really matter what kind of circumstances you will attract? Everything is expreriential, there is no reason to fear anything. Facing your fears is giving yourself a chance to recognize them, embrace them with allowance and ultimately go beyond. Of course you want to meet them, you cannot fool yourself anylonger! It’s only your mind that tries so hard to keep you in your comfort zone and familiar pain. Now there is a time to let go completely, you know that better then anyone else. There will be never better time to do it, because all that is, is Now. Let go of thinking mind that awaits more accurate circumstances, and simply be your natural… always. See what happens. For the logical mind there is never a good time to cut the cord with a dependency. It is never good time to let go of drug or a habit that squash your potential down. Your ego feeds itself by constantly seeking ways to destroy itself. Thus it will always try to convince you that there is something that needs to be fixed, changed, done to make things right. It will try to convince you that it is beneficial to wear another mask for some time, before you can fully be yourself. It will always present lackful scenarios and realities you should engage with first before choosing your natural. It will do it as long as you will listen to it. I say: stop validating the idea that anything needs improvement or change. Stop the idea that you are dependent from your mind predictions. Your reality always offers experiences that matches your current interpretation. Change the way you look at the current apperance, and you will change the apperance itself. Your reality responds only to your will, your vibrational concentration focused and enacted in every moment. Stop validating the mind as a autorithy outside of you. Accept it as a part of your being that doesn’t need to be fed anylonger.

You’ve been choosing to stay in human polarized modality based on fear, unwothiness and lack just to have that experience. Nothing more. There is nothing wrong or gloriuos about it. Don’t make it a lesson or the exam that needs to be passed. The whole human experience is based on time cycles and polarity, you see that now. It is based on cycles, improvements in time, production of masks to sell, and ideas of magagement of the future. Planet Earth is full of fancy ideas promoting control of the external reality as a mean of succesfull lifestyle. It is full of lack based ideas which are being used to satisfy its egoic needs, desires and wants. You have never seen that modality more clearly. Now you stay on the edge of that known, limitted world and you know you can jump into something that shines with mystery. Its your call now. You can leave and never be back as you know yourself. It doesn’t mean you will die physically, it means you will die as a personality trying to sustain its image. You can become transparent, lucid and clear Awareness with no boundries. You can allow and be One and All once again. You either jump and experience the bliss of falling with no plan, no purpose, no meaning attached to the experience, or you hold on to familiar safeties and securities one more day so you can stay miserable human that you are apparently disgusted with. I know that jumping sounds like the most ridicilous thing you could possibly choose. To simply be, with no reasons to change your current experience? To simply trust in the Now and embrace whatever is coming? To allow Creation to show you how fabulous creator you are? Can you feel the freedom in that? For your fractal egoic portion of your Conciousness it is the most scary, uncomfortable and crazy reality to create. It’s because by choosing that reality, your ego will literally die. It has no more power over you, therefore it will gradually fade away… It has no more power to dictate and influance your choices. A jump is its death. No wonder you are afraid. You are afriad you will loose something that has been with you your whole life. You are afraid to know who you truly are.

You know that you must leave one to experience the other. It is about a simple change of focus, that’s all. You must stop validating the whole scale of polarity, if you want to see what’s beyond that. You are not able to perceive non-polarized creations while constantly measuring your reality and having emotional reactions because of what you see. So, changing your relationship with reality is a proccess of dying. You will definitely die. You will die as an ego, and you will rise from the ashes as pure Isness, undefined Existance not attached to any identity, any form, any experience. As that, you will start exploring new areas of accessable Creation, fields of Consciousness that are connected through Knowing. Knowing that you can connect to whatever you are attracted to, because you are it. Knowing that you experience your vibrational matches with ease, without any infringement upon Creation. Knowing that you are Connection itself. Knowing that you are forever. Without creating egoic distortions in something that flows perfectly already. Isn’t that potential alligned with your natural preference? Isn’t it what you want to be deep inside you? Isn’t it what your heart whispers about right before you go to sleep? To go with the flow when everyone else is trying so hard to go against it? You see… There is no other way for you to experience magic, but to stop choosing to play the human game. „If you want a miracle… Well, you’ve got to be one.” Right? Choose YOU and see the magic on your own eyes. Magic that’s manifested infront of you as magnificence of your Being. I know, your mind would love the idea of getting confirmation first. It would love to see the assurence, at least a promise, that it is worth to jump, that it is beneficial, that „everything is going to be all right”. It would love to hear advice from someone who already done it. It would love to hear about how to do it best. Your mind would love to feel safe and secure before making any move, that’s how it is designed to operate. It wants to predict your future, make sure you are not going to hurt yourself and hopefully you will go to a better place. Notice its limitted approach, let it be, and do your thing anyway. I say: Be scared! Be scared as hell, but do your thing anyway! You know that there is no better place to be then to be fully absorbed in the Now with complete allignement with action taken. There is no better experience you can gift yourself with but to stay honest and authentic with your chosen Truth. No matter what location, time, no matter what weather, no matter what conditions are presented as reality created. You also know that the first step must come from you. Mind with its limitted, polarized modes of observation is not here to protect you, because nothing needs protection – it is here as a simple potential to choose. Everything strats within you. You give birth to your mind whenever you focus on it. You let it fade away when your focus goes somewhere else.

When you choose to stop validating your fears and egoic masks as obligatory creations that you must obey to – then and only then you can experience the beauty of being your honest Truth. It is never the other way around. You make the first step. You radiate, you shine, you beam your light to every corner of possible Creation and Creation responds to it. It is a very simple mechanism. You attract whatever you vibrate as. You are the master of your life. You are the Creator here. If you keep repeating the same cyclic idea because of your validations of some silly fears, then don’t be surprised that you will attract the same frustrating circumstances to your life again. Stop playing a victim role and choose to relate differently. Stop saying that something affects you. Stop relying on external sources. Stop feeling guilty for your past choices. Stop saying that you „have to”, that you „should”, that you „must” do something. There is absolutely nothing you need to do! There are only vibrational potentials available in the moment. None of those choices are better or worse. It’s the way you perceive it makes it in particular shape. You are Creator of everything of your reality. You are an Awarness with bending light abilities. You are Consciousness wearing a suit of human body – your vehicle that allows you to carry yourself in chosen environment. You are simplicity of the current moment experienced subjectivly.

Let’s be honest now. You don’t care about productivity. You hate selling stuff, solving problems, becoming better, more effective, more efficient. You see how shallow and superficial it is. You hate to worry about the money, you hate behaving appropriately. You hate wearing masks, you hate sustaining images that keep you caged in pain and frustration. You hate to please people, make them comfortable. You would rather offer something completetly opposite, wouldn’t you? You are not here to make anyone happy. You are here to show everyone who they are by being simply yourself! Do you deserve to be purely yourself? To act effortlessly with no hesitation? To say directly whatever you want to say? Do you deserve not to care about time, fake image, money, safety? Of course you do. However, noone can push you to choose that and stay with that choice… Now you are with no desires, no plans, no directions set. No apetite to entertain your boredom, no apetite to create new dependencies with people that would create emotional reactions of unsatisfied ego. Now you are standing all alone, all by yourself. Are you willing to choose unconditional love for the self that you know are in your essense? For you, god damn it! No one else! No more asking for help because in eternal Creation no help is needed. No more playing a victim role. Now the time has come to play a different role. Role of a Creator. No one can make a choice for you to go through the door. Stop knocking and simply open the door wide. You know what’s there? Existance! The whole Creation that welcomes you warmly.