Are you ready to be a God?

Hey Grisza, are you ready to be yourself? Are you ready to cry when everyone is watching? Are you ready to admit that you suck as a human and you see no interest sustaining your pain? Are you ready not to care about anyone and anything ever again? Are you ready to give up all control, every identity, every fear, need and want? Are you worthy being a God, Grisza?

Answer me with your tears, if you choose. Are you ready to give up all hopes, dreams, achivements, failures, intentions and purposes? Are you ready to mean nothing, have nothing and be noone? Are you ready to stop playing limitation game without knowing what’s on the other side? Are you ready to trust your own Creation? Are you ready to live effortlessly and fully aware of your chosen Truth with no concerns and worries about anything else? Are you ready not to validate any of your fears? Are you ready to be inteligent and equal instead of smart and better? Are you ready not to seek compassion and don’t pitty anyone on the other hand? Are you ready to be instead of do? Are you ready to stop desiring passion of identity and simply be the passion of the moment? Are you willing to be nothing more and nothing less then the simple experience of the Now, fleeting freely in the infinite Creation forever?

What’s your next move, my friend? Letting go and diving into the unknown or holding on to safety and security again to experience familiar and very comfortable pain? What’s your natural? Cry and stay vulnerable or hide your weakness behind another egoistic self? Are you ready not to ask for permission about any action taken ever again? Are you ready not to seek approval, acceptance or admiration in the eyes of others? Are you ready to let people judge you, love you, despise you or glorify you? Are you able to let them choose their perspective? Are you ready to let them suffer? Are you ready to let them stay limitted? Do you really have to get angry ever again just because some God is expressing his freedom? Are you ready to give up a polarity scale and stop measuring yourself and others?

Yes, cry now. Cry, my dear lost God, and write it all down using your tears. You can experience pain, but you never suffer as Awarness, remember? Your ego is dying, and it’s desperately asking for your attention, that’s all. You deserve your tears more then anyone else, you see. It is your immeasureable Creation you gave yourself in the moment. Experience and embrace it with allowance. You deserve being lost, scared and empty. You deserve the life of your Truth, Grisza. You deserve being a God now, experiencing yourself forever. The God that you know as You.